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Typically, there are two types of signages: Indoor and Outdoor. Businesses depend heavily on outdoor signs to attract potential customers’ attention. Chicagoland is a minefield of business opportunities, but if you are not getting your business sign right, it can get really tough to move forward. Also, if you are already doing great, a little more push doesn’t hurt.

Let’s get you the lowdown on 5 of the most commonly used outdoor business signs.

Let’s get you the lowdown on 5 of the most commonly used outdoor business signs and when do they work best.

  • Electronic Signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Banners
  • Lawn Signs
  • Awnings

Electronic signs

Electronic signs are good for most businesses. They stand out easily. The best part about digital signage categories is that they can be used to highlight different messages, unlike printed signages. In other words, the message can be easily changed to meet your goals. They are also the most expensive of the lot.

Pylon Signs

These signs are meant to attract attention from a distance. Gas stations, motels, and restaurants are most likely to use them. If your business location is somewhere on the highway, Pylon signs are a good way to attract attention.


Banners are not strictly outdoor signages, but they sure work better on the outside. They give you a wide range of choices to experiment with i.e. font, color, and graphics. Importantly, banners can be sized as large as you would like to capture the attention of customers at greater distances. The only challenge with banners is that they don’t score high on durability.

Lawn Signs

The name is a giveaway. Lawn signs can be a good way to advertise for real estate or to draw attention of supporters for campaigns. These designs are hassle free and they are also easy to install. Additionally, they are also cost effective and can be mass produced.


A lot of people associate awnings with the small cafe or bistro right around the corner. But awnings also are a good signage option for any sort of business. It’s made of canvas and has moderate longevity. Adding your company’s unique logo to the awning and tastefully embellishing it would definitely bring you the attention you would like. What’s more, it even gives customers shelter if the weather gets rough.

There are many more types of signs that can be installed outdoors.  At SIGNificant Graphics, we assure our clients of the best possible service for all their sign-related needs. Do you need a sign? Give us a call at 312-IMPRESS (467-7377)


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